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Mastering Your Mind

How to practice the Centering Meditation step by step

Centering Meditation Practice Centering Meditation: Three Options Select one of the following three options to focus your attention and quiet your mind during your centering meditation. 1. Diaphragmatic Breathing Focus your awareness on your breathing. Become aware of your inhale…

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Woman practicing meditation in a tranquil autumn park, with fallen leaves surrounding her and a reflective water effect at the bottom.

Success Mindset

Observe Your Internal Dialogue People who thrive and prosper in all arenas of life have two very distinct mind patterns in their success mindset. First, they let the perceived mistakes, setbacks and misfortunes roll off their back. They have the…

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Pouring water into a clear glass, causing bubbles and a splash.

Meditation: A Powerful Relaxation Technique & Force For Change

Live in the Present Moment Technically speaking, there is nothing magical or mystical about meditation. Meditation is an increased concentration and awareness; a process to live in the present moment to produce and enjoy a tranquil state of mind. It…

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Man meditating on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background.

A simple practice for using your mind to acheive your goals

Achieving Your Target Goals Practice. Become an Observer Imagine you are an observer sitting on your own shoulder eaves-dropping on your thoughts and feelings. Take a moment to consider what you want to be, do and have in your life.…

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A person is captured mid-jump on a tranquil beach against a sunset sky.

Conscious communication has as much to do with listening to your inner dialogue as it does to hearing what others are saying

Conscious Communication 101 Listen to Be Heard How can we communicate better? This is one of the most common questions we are asked in our work with couples. Our clients often believe if only they could say it differently then…

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A heart drawn in the sand on a sunny beach with clear blue water and a sky with scattered clouds.

Transform Your Habits By Conditioning Your Brain

Changing Habits Do you find yourself repeating patterns year after year while making the same New Year’s resolutions? What causes the phenomena of habits or why you do what you do? How can you use this knowledge to assist you in changing…

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graphic of a full head x-ray with colorful gears representing parts of the brain

Discover why focusing on what you want is essential to attracting it into your life

Focus on What You Want to Get What You Want! How does your brain process language?  What happens if I say don’t think about a problem?  Your brain doesn’t know how to do this.  You have to think of something…

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A digital illustration of a human brain with glowing connections emanating from it.

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