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Our Story

We met in the early 90’s while working with an organization committed to healing, transformation and global consciousness. We felt like kindred spirits finding each other again as seekers on the path with a deep calling for authentic healing. We have been partners in work and life ever since. We come from a personal understanding of overcoming life trauma and vulnerabilities including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and purposelessness. We had run the gamut of attempting to heal through traditional approaches that were not truly effective. At the time we were in graduate school for psychology and felt disillusioned with the process of true healing. We had each spent years in talk therapy to heal past trauma yet were still struggling with unhealthy patterns and symptoms.

This set us on a quest to discover alternative strategies for healing. We sought out the best of mind body therapies. Together we have training and certifications in over 25 holistic modalities including biofeedback, meditation, EMDR, brainspotting, breathwork, the Enneagram Personality System, neuro-linguistic programming, Tibetan Buddhism psychology, hypnosis, EFT, energy psychology, coaching, reiki and visualization.

Hilary Stokes Kim Ward PhDs
Picture of Sanoviv Medical Institute Hospital

Mind-Body Specialists at Sanoviv Medical Institute

In 1998 we were honored to be part of a small team of health experts contracted to design and develop Sanoviv Medical Institute. In addition to contributing to the overall vision of Sanoviv, we developed and managed the psychology, spirituality and fitness programs for just under 10 years. Sanoviv Medical Institute, is a one-of-a-kind integrative hospital that blends state of the art 21st century medicine with a luxurious healing atmosphere. It was the first fully licensed functional medicine hospital in the world specializing in the prevention and treatment of health challenges at the level of the root cause vs. symptom management. We gained priceless insight and practical experience in integrative health. We witnessed firsthand the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit for attaining health and happiness.

One of the tools we learned early on is called the Enneagram Personality System. We have found it to be one of the most powerful tools for personal insight, authenticity and transformation. It provides a roadmap into our strengths, challenges, blind spots, motivations, relationship styles and gifts. We use it personally and professionally virtually every day. In the past several years we have volunteered to bring the Enneagram into prisons and small groups to help those who are incarcerated learn to use this tool for their personal healing and growth. We also offer brainspotting, other trauma therapies and meditations alongside the Brahman Project’s, Freedom from The Inside program.

Team of psychology doctors at Sanoviv medical institute

Kim Ward PHD

I feel genuinely inspired to support people on their journey of personal growth and transformation. I believe in a practical and compassionate approach. I learned early in my business career that status and material gains do not lead to happiness. I had obtained much of what I thought would bring me happiness, yet I felt hopeless, unfulfilled and passionless. One day I had a flash of insight while sitting in a board meeting overlooking the beautiful Scottsdale Arizona desert. I realized I had it all, but felt like I had nothing. I mustered the courage to leave it all behind in the pursuit of authentic happiness. This included coming out of denial and dealing with my mother’s untreated bipolar disorder, learning how to be present and embodied and eventually going back to school to start a whole new career.

I chose to study transpersonal psychology so that I could support people on all levels of mind, body and spirit. I am most inspired by supporting others to heal the past, love who they are and live authentically.

Hilary Stokes PHD

In my first year of college, after many years of struggling with social anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and adrenal exhaustion, I was given a major wake-up call. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and faced for the first time addressing past trauma. I had spent years in traditional talk-therapy approaches, only to feel like I was going in circles. I continued down the path of searching for a solution, I felt increasingly defeated by my own mind and body. I understand the value of a healthy mind because I know what it is like to have an unhealthy mind. After thousands of hours and dollars I discovered through the combination of mind, body and spirit that true healing is possible. I am on a mission to support others in experiencing healing and transformation. I believe in partnering with and empowering individuals through a combination of experiential and mind body strategies.

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We have a holistic private practice where we specialize in advanced mind body approaches for healing trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, burnout, addiction, relationship issues and any mental health challenge. We love learning and sharing science-based methods that empower individuals to create health, happiness, vitality. Our book The Happy Map: Your roadmap to the habit of happiness, is a culmination of what we have learned on both sides of the couch for healing trauma and stress and cultivating happiness and wellbeing.  While Manifesting Mindset includes the 6-step strategy we used to develop our practice and manifest our goals. We love sharing these steps and strategies.

We are passionate about nature, animals and spirituality. We enjoy spending rejuvenation time hiking, surfing, biking, scuba diving, deepening our spirituality, meditating, practicing qigong and yoga, and relishing in the loving connection of our friends, pets and family.

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