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Conscious Relationships

Healthy Relationships : Communication & emotional connection

Communication Skills & Emotional Connection Whether you are disagreeing about sex, money, household responsibilities or parenting most partners simply want to know their feelings are understood and cared about. Caring, listening and attempting to understand what your partner is feeling…

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The Heart of Connection

Choose Kindness Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to love, appreciate and cherish our most significant relationships. This year consider an alternative to the traditional flowers, candy or love note and opt for a more meaningful way to show your love.…

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Two people smiling in front of a large heart-shaped sculpture at night.

Self-Love: Love Yourself for Healthy Relationships

Self-Love: Love Yourself Looking to another to make you feel better about yourself is a major cause of relationship challenges. The health and happiness of your relationships stem from your connection to yourself. If you don’t love yourself, trust yourself…

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Nature’s Best Energy Electrolyte Drink

Citrus fruits are warm climate fruits full of juice. They are commonly used for cleansing and cooling the body down. For all workouts that last more than an hour, you will want to keep your electrolyte balance at optimum levels. …

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Slices of fruit arranged in a stack with an apple at the bottom, an orange in the middle, and a banana on top.

The Matrix of Relationship

We exist in a matrix of interwoven causal relationships between waves, particles and quarks of light energy. Everything is interconnected in this sea of energy. Every part of the universe is thus connected to every other part. It has been…

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Relationship Myths and Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication Conscious communication invites you to take responsibility for the fact that there is no objective reality. Everything you experience is filtered through the lens of your subjective perceptions. If you want to create conscious communication in your relationship…

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Relationship Fact: Love is a Conscious Choice

Love Drug Relationship FACT: Love is a conscious choice. In fact, love is a verb and it implies action. Being attracted to someone is also a choice. Given that love alters your brain chemistry, we can understand how it may…

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Conscious communication has as much to do with listening to your inner dialogue as it does to hearing what others are saying

Conscious Communication 101 Listen to Be Heard How can we communicate better? This is one of the most common questions we are asked in our work with couples. Our clients often believe if only they could say it differently then…

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A heart drawn in the sand on a sunny beach with clear blue water and a sky with scattered clouds.

Higher Purpose of Relationships

Relationship Mirror Relationships constantly challenge and call you to create, express and experience higher aspects of yourself. This ultimately allows you to step into grander and grander visions of yourself. Given this perspective, without relationships you cannot completely fulfill your…

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