Higher Purpose of Relationships

Higher Purpose of Relationships

Posted on: December 29th, 2009 by Dr Kim Dr Hil

Relationship Mirror

constantly challenge and call you to create, express and experience higher aspects of yourself. This ultimately allows you to step into grander and grander visions of yourself.

Given this perspective, without relationships you cannot completely fulfill your purpose in life, express your authentic potential or contribute to the world around you.

Relationships are a powerful tool for personal growth as they provide a constant mirror reflecting your light and shadow. There is no other place where your buttons are pushed and you are thus stretched to grow and move beyond who you think you are then through the mirror of another.

Realize Your Authentic Self

In the Highest sense relationships serve to help you construct who you are. Through relationships you are able to realize your Self. By Self with a capital S we mean your Authentic Self, Higher Self or Spiritual Self.

It is through your daily encounters with your environment including the people in it and the contrast they offer that you expand yourself on greater levels. Without these encounters and experiences you would be bored, with nothing to bump up against to reflect your choices… nothing to make a difference in…. nothing to call you toward a greater sense of achieving your potential.

Every human encounter matters in your personal evolution and growth. What if you were to bless every encounter and relationship for whatever opportunity it serves in allowing you to experience yourself? When you allow personal relationships to guide you to choose your highest vision of yourself, you open doors of personal transformation and move mountains of growth.

Coaching and Counseling

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