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Emotional Intelligence

Emotions Are Energy : The bodymind connection and e-motion

Updated: April 7, 2022 Discover key neuroscience discoveries that offer new insights into the truth about emotions and how to effectively express them. What are emotions? Let’s start by exploring a basic understanding of emotions that will likely be dramatically…

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images of 9 female faces showing emotional expression

The Happy Map Radio Interview: Your roadmap to happiness

Enjoyed our time with April Mahoney from The Edge Radio Show talking about happiness and our book The Happy Map. Click here to listen!    

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image of book signing event for The Happy Map

Heal Trauma & PTSD : Mind-body therapy heals emotional trauma

Trauma is a neuro-biological issue, mind-body therapy is a neuro-affective solution Traumatic events leave behind a host of mental, emotional and physical residue that can linger for weeks, months or even years to come. When trauma happens, we react without…

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graphic of a human brain pathways diagram with arrows and labels

4 Steps To Happiness: Rewire Your Brain with The Happy Map Technique

We had the privilege to speak for the Doris Howell Foundation, an organization dedicated to women’s health research and education. What an amazing night! Check out a recap of the evening on their blog ‘The 4 things you can start…

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Image of the book cover of The Happy Map your roadmap to happiness

Science shows how decreasing stress is necessary to increasing happiness

4 Game-Changing Brain Science Discoveries Redefine Happiness Our latest article is inspired by our passion for happiness published on Psychcentral… Have you ever tried to tell yourself to “just relax” and “enjoy” an unexpected traffic-filled commute that is sure to…

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Learn the five steps of the Loving Kindness Meditation to open your heart

Compassion – Open Your Heart We attended the Global Meditation for Compassion this past Saturday at the Chopra Institute in San Diego, Ca. With smiles from ear to ear and warmth filling our hearts we meditated in a packed room…

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Hands forming a heart shape on a white background.

Hormone Boost from Holiday Socials

Get a Hormone Boost from Your Holiday Socials Did you know that the holidays offer an opportunity for you to strengthen one of the top predictors of lasting happiness? Here are a few hints about what we are referring to.…

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A diverse group of people smiling and posing closely together for a group photo.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Getting In Your Own Way A ship is safe in harbor but that is not what ships are for. ~ William Shedd Purpose is positively correlated with three fundamental aspects of life experience; wealth, health and happiness. Why then are…

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Signpost with the words "now," "tomorrow," and "yesterday" pointing in different directions against a cloudy sky background.

Nutritional Stress Management

The stresses of modern life have conditioned the mind and body into states of chronic stress. When you perceive stress your body responds via your hormone glands, releasing two primary stress hormones: adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones have a…

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A cup of green tea with loose leaves beside it.

Bodymind & The #1 Health Challenge

Heart Disease Let’s take a look at the bodymind connection as it relates to the #1 health challenge faced by men and women in North America, heart disease. It is still hard to fathom but 1 in 2.5 women will…

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