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Emotional Intelligence

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness: Life’s Ultimate Aim When asked what most people want in life, they will tell you it is to be happy. Typically, if they answer with some other external factor such as financial freedom, material gain, love…

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A group of diverse and joyful friends huddled together, smiling at the camera.

Happiness Set Point

Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? Mainstream thought has traditionally believed that happiness is hardwired. Consequently, throughout one’s life whether gaining a job or losing one, getting married or divorced, there are those who will view these circumstances more…

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A woman smiling and looking upwards with her hands on her face against a blurred green background.

5 steps to become more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent

Emotional Awareness Master Your Emotions In a previous post titled, Emotional Presence we covered the first step to master your emotions; Presence. Emotional Awareness is your second step to master your emotions. Emotional awareness and emotional presence go hand in…

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Person in a red hoodie sitting peacefully on a grassy hill, enjoying the serene mountain view under a colorful sky.

Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

Victor Frankl: Lead With Your Heart Victor Frankl is known for losing his entire family during the holocaust and his remarkable journey of survival in the concentration camps. He invented Logo-Therapy from these experiences rooted in the power of your…

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2 steps to move your emotional energy and feel better

Emotional Movement Technique The Emotional Movement Technique is effective for relieving stress and increasing EQ. One of the benefits of this exercise is that it takes 2 minutes or less to complete. Think of an issue that you find stressful.…

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Close-up of a child's face with a tear rolling down the cheek.

Relationship Fact: Love is a Conscious Choice

Love Drug Relationship FACT: Love is a conscious choice. In fact, love is a verb and it implies action. Being attracted to someone is also a choice. Given that love alters your brain chemistry, we can understand how it may…

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Learn a powerful exercise to get present and become more emotionally authentic

Emotional Presence for Emotional Authenticity. Emotional Authenticity The first step in emotional authenticity is emotional presence because the present moment is the only place you have real power to shift your state. Much stress and emotional upset is caused by…

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A hummingbird in mid-flight approaching a vibrant pink flower against a clear blue sky.

The Real Purpose of Emotion

Emotions Transform Life Emotions give texture, color and meaning to life. Emotions transform life from an objective series of events into a living breathing experience. To experience the full range of emotions, to cry, laugh, or feel happy infuses our…

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Sunlight streaming through a rugged stone window opening against a blue sky with clouds.

Neuroscience of Emotion

Neural Hijacking In the past it was believed that information from your senses was analyzed by the thinking brain (cortex) first. Now with new scientific findings we know your perceptions, go directly to the emotional brain (amygdala) without passing through…

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Colorful brain activity illustration within a human silhouette head profile on a dark background.

How to Master Your Emotions

You can’t just THINK your way through your FEELings! Do you ever feel like you are riding an emotional roller coaster? Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. When things are going well the skies are blue, the sun…

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