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What to Expect from a Brainspotting Therapy Session

Brainspotting allows you to process unresolved issues, transform unwanted habits, breakthrough addictions, heal pain, forgive and release hurts, regulate your nervous system and let go of unwanted patterns. It can be helpful to identify areas you would like to work on and heal. You do not have to have specific memories or incidents in mind, yet be aware of the patterns or issues you want to work on. Your Brainspotting therapist will help you to clarify what’s important for Brainspotting at the beginning of your session.

What happens in a Brainspotting session?

  1. During a Brainspotting session the Brainspotting therapist will help you identify an issue to work on.
  2. While focusing on the issue you will notice how you feel, sense and experience the issue in your mind and body.
  3. From here the eye position or ‘brainspot’ associated with this issue will be identified by scanning from one side of your visual field to the other.
  4. The brainspot acts like a doorway into all the stored, stuck baggage from the past. The focused eye position further allows the brain to stop scanning externally for threats and instead internally self-scan to identify and maintain its presence on the deeper unresolved issue.
  5. When a brainspot is activated, reflexive movements can be observed by the therapist that provide valuable access to healing. These movements come from deep regions of the brain, outside of our conscious, cognitive, and verbal awareness.
  6. People report having deeper and more profound releases with Brainspotting as compared to other brain-based and traditional therapies. The brain is re-stabilizing, resourcing, and rebooting itself during Brainspotting and the processing often continues to occur after the session has ended. A doorway has been opened and information will continue to come up and out for releasing and healing.
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What to expect during and after Brainspotting

What to expect during and after Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a powerful therapy that helps process and unravel stuck and unresolved issues. It can bring up feelings to express, sensations to release and sometimes memories to process. It often leads to powerful insights, revelations and new perspectives on old issues. It is not a therapy that one does on their own. In fact, it works in part because of the compassionate support and presence of your Brainspotting therapist. After Brainspotting the therapy continues to work during the hours, days and weeks to follow. Expect to continue to feel the unwinding and unfolding of the process as the mind and body integrate the experience. Many people notice key insights coming through in the days following that they bring to the next session for processing.

Brainspotting Side Effects

Brainspotting Side Effects

During a Brainspotting session you may experience emotions, physical sensations and memories. Some people report feeling physically or emotionally tired following a Brainspotting session like they have had a powerful release. Most often they have had a deep release on both conscious and subconscious levels. Other’s report feeling relaxed, calm and at peace. The releasing and unwinding may continue well past the Brainspotting therapy session. Individuals regularly report new insights and awareness’s following Brainspotting sessions that allow for ongoing integration, healing and growth.

How effective is Brainspotting online?

Brainspotting is very effective online and over the telephone. There are many benefits to doing online Brainspotting such as:

  • The convenience and comfort of being in your own space
  • The flexibility to work with a specialist certified in Brainspotting that may not be in your area
  • The ability to work with a Brainspotting therapist of your choice that has been referred
  • Saving time and energy traveling to and from appointments

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