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Emotions Are Energy Meditation


Do you ever feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster? Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. When things are going well and the sun is shining, you feel great. But when things aren’t going your way, the clouds of emotion roll in. This is called fair weather management of your emotions and feelings. Anytime you place your power in the hands of external events to determine how you feel, you intensify your emotional roller coaster ride and increase stress.

In order to manage your emotions, it is important to truly understand emotions. Emotions are energy moving through your body. This is felt as sensations of contraction or expansion. In itself, emotions are neutral. It is the sensations that we label positive or negative such as sad, stressed, hurt, happy, impatient, or relaxed.  If we attempt to manage our emotions by thinking about them, labeling them and talking about them, we miss out on the deeper process of feeling or moving the sensations. This is because thinking and feeling are different processes in the brain and body. Thinking about feelings instead of actually feeling feelings, results in stuck, suppressed, avoided or unresolved emotions.


Understanding that emotions are energy continues to be a revolutionary way of looking at emotions. The strategy for successfully releasing or feeling them is therefore also revolutionary compared to mainstream approaches. It involves moving the energy of emotion at the level of sensation experienced in the body. For many people, looking to their body sensations to transform challenging emotions and increase emotional intelligence is the most important piece of the puzzle that leads to decreasing stress and increasing happiness. This is especially true when you understand that sensory and emotional information is recorded into memory first; thoughts and perceptions, second. This distinction provides clues for increasing emotional intelligence while pointing out the limitations of purely thought-based approaches. The sensations you feel in your body hold the key to unlocking limiting patterns, transforming stress, and generating lasting happiness.

Once you allow yourself to feel your emotions without talking about or justifying why you feel the way you feel, you move to the next level. It’s powerful, dynamic, and enlivening.

In this meditation, you will be guided through the process of sinking your awareness into your emotional sensations.  As you go through the practice, moving from sensations of contraction to expansion, you will begin to notice a decrease in feelings of contraction. This may happen quickly or over the course of several minutes. The changes may feel subtle or dramatic, depending on the issue you are dealing with.

Here’s how you will benefit

  • Decrease stress and increase happiness
  • Strengthen your mind and body connection
  • Build trust with yourself
  • Release the toxic burden of stuck emotions
  • Restore energy for greater levels of healing and well-being
  • Increase emotional awareness and intelligence
  • Feel more present, alive and calm


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