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Promotional poster for a wellness series on breathing for health with Breathe Your Way to Health (Digital Audio File) and stacked stones imagery.

Breathe Your Way to Health (Digital Audio File)


Breathing is the most powerful tool you have for neutralizing stress and calming your body. With this guided meditation tap into your body’s natural ability to restore and replenish and feel GREAT!

Research shows that simple breathing exercises improves:

  • Your Energy Level
  • Your Mental and Emotional Outlook
  • Your Immune and Cardiovascular Health

Breathing is the most powerful tool you have for neutralizing stress and calming your body.

Learn how to:

  • Breathe properly using diaphragmatic breathing
  • Induce your body’s inherent capacity to heal itself
  • Reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Bonus breathing exercise!


  1. Karen Deem

    I listen to this every change I can. I love the walk thru, the voice. How I feel while listening and the rest of the day, pretty much the best I have heard and helps the most. This is a must by and use.

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