Success Mindset

Success Mindset

Posted on: March 21st, 2010 by Dr Kim Dr Hil

Observe Your Internal Dialogue

People who thrive and prosper in all arenas of life have two very distinct mind patterns in their success mindset. First, they let the perceived mistakes, setbacks and misfortunes roll off their back. They have the ability to shake off fear, stress and worry and transform old habits so they can continue moving toward their major objectives at full speed. This mind pattern involves engaging the power of the present moment to observe the quality of your internal dialogue. Developing your success mindset is a process of transforming your internal dialogue to see the glass as half full.

Glass As Half Full

The second mind pattern involves having a set of empowering, positive beliefs and attitudes. People who thrive know how to use the power of the present and their emotions to guide them to make the best choices in the moment. They understand that no one wins by playing small, so they make sure to think big, take care of their health and live as balanced a life as possible. Their beliefs are the kind that give them the faith, confidence and determination to succeed at just about anything they dream of. They understand their point of attraction resides in the power of the present and their ability to see the glass as half full.

Universal Reality

People who practice success mindset principles also believe that they exist within a much larger Universal reality that is governed by specific laws of energy and physics. In the grand scheme their success hinges upon their ability to understand and skillfully apply these laws as they relate to creating results.

Coaching and Counseling

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