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The 10 most frequently asked questions to decrease stress and increase happiness:

  1. What is the best strategy to release stress, tension or overwhelm?
  2. How is Holistic Coaching different than talk therapy?
  3. Can you use your mind to heal your body?
  4. What is the biggest mistake people make that keeps them stuck in negative emotion?
  5. Why do people sabotage their own success?
  6. What are the 2 most important steps in order to let go of the past?
  7. Do you have to deal with the past to feel good in the present?
  8. How do you meditate?
  9. How do you discover your purpose in life?
  10. How do you move beyond short term results and into long term change?

The 10 questions you should ask to decrease stress and increase happiness:

  1. Why are guilt and shame the top reasons people return to unhealthy habits?
  2. How do you work smart vs. working hard?
  3. Why is visualization as valuable as action?
  4. Why is your Emotional Intelligence as important as your IQ?
  5. What are the facts vs. your interpretations?
  6. How does your brain process language that leads to your choices?
  7. Why is it important to make peace where you are right now?
  8. Why is spiritual practice the #1 coping skill?
  9. Why should you focus on your strengths vs. weaknesses?
  10. What is the most important step to stop procrastination and laziness?
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Enter your email below to gain access to the free video series.