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Achieving Your Authentic Potential

Work Smart vs. Working Hard

No Time to Work Smart It is common to get caught in a cycle of being so busy working hard, that you don’t have time to work smart. This might look like pushing yourself harder and harder trying to increase…

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The Spiritual Path of An Open Heart

Fearless Open Heart An ancient proverb reminds us that only brave souls walk the human path, for the earthly existence is enshrouded in a veil of illusion. Choosing to walk a spiritual path provides an opportunity to live life with…

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New Years Resolutions Success

If you are not getting the results you want from your New Years Resolutions than it may be time to apply the Law of Exposure. Simply stated, what you expose yourself to dramatically shapes your thinking, feeling and acting. In…

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The Matrix of Relationship

We exist in a matrix of interwoven causal relationships between waves, particles and quarks of light energy. Everything is interconnected in this sea of energy. Every part of the universe is thus connected to every other part. It has been…

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Quantum Mechanics & Your Authentic Potential

Everything is energy. When you look through the lens of a quantum microscope you see beyond the physical and into the world of the subatomic, the Zero Point Field. From molecules to atoms to subatomic particles, science demonstrates the causal…

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Reach Your Authentic Potential: NeuroLinguistic Programming

Sensory Experience NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is known as the study of human excellence. It asserts that we can’t know the world directly but rather we can only experience it through the representations we build from our sensory experience. This includes…

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Neural Plasticity: 4 Steps to Change Your Brain & Habits

Your Plastic Brain Perhaps you have heard the notion that you can change your brain. In fact, scientists have proven that your brain is being shaped, molded and changed by your experiences every day. This is referred to as neural…

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image of brain lit up with orange and green color

Neural Plasticity Creates Solutions

Change Your Brain Neural Plasticity is a revolutionary breakthrough with huge implications for people seeking better brain health and those looking to change stubborn patterns. Given that you have the capacity to change your brain, why do you keep doing…

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Tapping into your strengths will help you achieve your goals

Achieve Your Goals with Positive Psychology. Changing for Good The field of Positive Psychology offers insight and hope into changing for good thereby enabling you to achieve your goals. In brief, Positive Psychology focuses on the solution more than the…

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silhouette of a man doing handstand during sunset at the beach

Know Your Change Saboteurs to Achieve Your Goals

Change requires hope, faith and determination. You have got to give it all you’ve got if you really want to make a difference in your personal and professional goals. There is a great saying that illuminates this further, You can’t…

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