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Achieving Your Authentic Potential

Your Perception, Your Reality

Internal World vs. External World When you focus on your authentic potential you adopt the belief that your lens with which you view the world is the primary shaper of your reality. Your external world predicts 10% of your well-being…

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Your Potential vs. Average

Our current models of happiness and well-being are based on the study of averages. Consequently averages are considered to be the norm that you can expect to achieve. Traditional psychology research focuses on these norms or averages and determines what…

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Reaching Your Success Potential?

What is Success? The standard strategy for success includes working hard to achieve a particular goal. Once you attain this goal then you will feel successful. Once you are successful then you are happy. Work Hard Model: Work Hard =…

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An old key with a label reading "success" on a blue background.

Discover how body sensations carry the keys to happiness

Body-Mind Solution to Happiness. How is this different from positive thinking? Positive thinking is only one part of the solution. Many people have found short term results and long term frustration with repeating positive affirmations. They may be diligent students…

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Wooden blocks with the words "body," "mind," and "soul" arranged in a circular chalk pattern on a blackboard.

Happiness Paradigm Shift

The Shift to Lasting Happiness We are going to share key factors to assist you in building a new framework in your mind for what it takes to be happy.  This is likely going to require a dynamic paradigm shift…

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A young boy gestures having an idea in front of a chalkboard with a lightbulb drawn on it.

Meditate to Increase Your Focus and De-Clutter Working Memory

De-Clutter Working memory Everyone can agree that achieving your goals takes focus. How do you make something top of mind? The first and most important step to increase focus is to de-clutter your working memory. You have to make room…

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Learn what zaps your brain power and what you can do about it

Brain Power: Your prefrontal cortex the cause of focus. Prefrontal cortex Focus & Working memory Have you ever put a note on your refrigerator or at your desk and within a week or less discover that you no longer see…

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image of brain with regions of the brain highlighted

Focus to Achieve Your Goals

It is now a few months into the New Year and a good time to evaluate your progress on your goals and intentions. Are you seeing the results you desire? Are you sustaining top of mind focus on your goals…

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A rock climber grips onto a steep overhang with focused determination.

What roads have you been traveling on?

Here are five solutions to support you in rewiring your brain to achieve your goals and intentions. Solution 1 Change your belief context regarding what it takes to achieve success with your goals. Understand the inherent power in the biology…

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A diagram of 'the attraction model' depicting various decision paths and emotional states with illustrative figures and question prompts.

Your Neural Architecture

Our clients often ask us: Given that change is natural to my brain chemistry, why do I set the same goals each year to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more or choose healthier relationships? How is it that I keep…

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