Reaching Your Success Potential?

Reaching Your Success Potential?

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Dr Kim Dr Hil

What is Success?

The standard strategy for success includes working hard to achieve a particular goal. Once you attain this goal then you will feel successful. Once you are successful then you are happy.

Work Hard Model:

Work Hard = Achieve Goals = Success = Happiness

This model does not account for how the brain actually works. The nature of the brain is such that once you reach a goal you instinctively identify a new goal. For instance, a sculptor or painter does not complete their first piece of art work and then stand next to it proclaiming; ‘This is it. I am done. I have created my one and only piece of art.’ Just the same a professional athlete does not win their first race, match or game and declare victory forever. The brain does not work that way. In fact it works in the opposite way. The attainment of a goal is just the beginning of the journey not the destination.

Consider for yourself the last time you accomplished a goal and how long the sweet taste of satisfaction lasted before you identified another goal. If you persist in the belief that success is based on completion you will never be successful or happy for long. There will always be another goal you are eager to accomplish because your brain is driven to expand, improve and move in the direction of your potential. As long as you are alive you will have goals and dreams enabling you to experience your potential.

Work Smart Model:

Increase happiness = Increase productivity and goal achievement = Increase success

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