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Roadmap to Happiness Coaching Package

Why does happiness matter? Happy people are healthier, more confident, more creative, have happier and healthier relationships, more productive, recover from illness faster, exercise regularly, live longer and more.

Everyone wants to be happy. In fact, most everything we do is because we believe on some level it will make us happy. Why then do over 70% of people report living in a state of chronic stress, contributing to 80 to 90% of doctor visits? Why do an estimated 1 in 10 adults have depression while 3 in 10 adults have anxiety? And why is it easier to worry or ruminate about stressful issues, than it is to focus on feeling happy and peaceful?

Conventional approaches to happiness are missing significant elements to experiencing long-term happiness. Among these are; the executive power of emotions, the fact that stress hormones take priority over happy hormones, the truth that your mind-body connection is more powerful than your thoughts alone and focusing on your strengths is more effective than analyzing your weaknesses. We have been led to believe that when we are unhappy or stressed, all we need to do is change the way that we think and we will be happier. What happens for most people is they repeat their affirmations, yet at the deeper level of their subconscious mind they don’t believe them. Also, on a day-to-day basis, stress, impatience and overwhelm dominate the day. These two factors won’t allow any real success with positive thinking let alone allow you to create the habit of happiness. Habits of happiness require feeling happy not just thinking happy thoughts.In other words, the strategy for being happy requires more than positive thinking. It is a holistic journey of mind, body and spirit.

Whether you want to;

  1. Decrease stress, anxiety, or depression
  2. Experience more presence, purpose and passion
  3. Improve your relationships, health and confidence

Roadmap to Happiness Coaching will take you on a step by step journey to develop the habit of happiness in all areas of your life. Through a series of experiential and practical strategies we will change subconscious, unsupportive and outdated habits and rewire them for the habit of happiness.

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