Focus on What You Want to Get What You Want!

Focus on What You Want to Get What You Want!

Posted on: December 29th, 2009 by Kim Hilary

How does your brain process language?  What happens if I say don’t think about a problem?  Your brain doesn’t know how to do this.  You have to think of something in order not to think about it.

Do you spend more of your time focused on what you want or what you don’t want? People often tell us what not to do, thinking they are helping us, yet in actuality they are telling us to send our brain in the direction we don’t wish to go.

You do the same to yourself by telling yourself what you don’t want to think about.  Instead of stating what you don’t want, state what you do want.

For example, rather than telling yourself, I won’t miss another day of exercise or I won’t get into another relationship like the last one, focus on what you DO want,I choose to exercise this afternoon or I want a healthy, loving relationship with good boundaries and emotional connection.

Your Thoughts Are Magnetic Attractors

Scientists have discovered that we are similar to radio transmitters, broadcasting our thoughts and feelings into the world. Your nonstop internal dialogue directly impacts your ability to transform your habits and tap into your performance potential.

Many would say the most important conversation you will ever have is the one you are having with yourself.  Combining this knowledge with the Law of Attraction you can easily see how you influence your performance and well-being.

According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like and what you focus on expands. Thus, when you focus on something, you broadcast a frequency that attracts its likeness to you. Don’t think of a red rose. Seriously, don’t let a red rose enter your mind. This is hard to do right? You have to think about it in order not to think about it.

Mother Teresa was known for not attending ‘antiwar’ rallies because they represent more of the energy of what she didn’t want. She instead insisted, When you hold a peace rally, let me know!

Given that your thoughts and feelings are being broadcast into your life as prime creators of your experiences, how much time do you spend focused on messages that bring you more of what you want vs. what you don’t want?

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Written by Hilary Stokes Ph.D. & Kimberly Ward Ph.D.

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