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Programming Your Mind for Success

Law of Exposure

The Law of Exposure states, what you expose yourself to dramatically shapes how you think, feel and act. Applying the Law of Exposure proactively takes deliberate action daily. It is a moment to moment conscious choice. If what you expose yourself to is not a reflection of that which you want to create more of in your life than you are going to be working against yourself.


Do the television programs you watch represent how you want to think, feel and act?
Do you watch programs or movies that reflect your values, goals and highest good?

Success = Your Values, Goals and Highest Good

Everything is programming your mind. Your mind records everything you experience, whether you consciously remember it or not. This includes all sensory and perceptive exposure to people, your environment, music, the computer, television etc… What you take in from your environment influences how you think, feel and act. Is your environment programming your mind for success or failure? If it represents your values, goals and highest good then you are programming your mind for success. If it does not reflect these elements than it is time to evaluate what you expose yourself to.

Programming Your Mind For Success

Make a list of what you expose yourself to on a daily or weekly basis. This list includes television programs, music, movies, internet, people, environments, social scenes, etc.
Do you feel uplifted or drained after watching television or being around certain people?
How often do you read or watch the news?
How can you make your environment reflect health, vitality, well-being and success?

Consider watching more comedies, choose to read a good book or spend time in nature, post inspiring quotes or touching pictures at your workspace, and choose to be around positive people.

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