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Personal Breakthrough Coaching

It is part of this human experience to expand, grow and evolve. This sounds great, but doesn’t always feel so great. Growth requires that we breakthrough and transform the old into something new. It can be frustrating, slow, challenging, uncomfortable, vulnerable, exhilarating and at times scary. Sort of like a butterfly busting out of its’ cocoon or a tiny acorn becoming a massive oak tree.

We all know what it is like to have blocks in life. They are part of the growth process. These are the areas we feel stuck and although we may know what to do to get unstuck, doing it seems like another thing entirely. This may show up in a number of ways such as fears and self-doubts, procrastination and indecision, busyness and time-clutter or impatience and frustration. It might also look like issues from the past popping up again and again,reminding us that we haven’t fully let go, forgiven or made peace with them.

There is a huge difference between knowing something and doing something. The gap between these two is determined by our subconscious programming and our degree of emotional management, both of which exist outside of our conscious awareness. Personal Breakthrough Coaching will tap into your subconscious mind and explore what is holding you back. We will mine-the-gap between knowing and doing by identifying and rewiring outdated subconscious programs and emotional habits. We will use this freed-up energy to make a difference in the present and reprogram the areas for you to breakthrough into more peace, joy and love.

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