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We would like to take a minute and acknowledge you. By being on this page you have taken important steps on your manifesting journey.

We believe you will find the tools and information in the Manifesting Mindset book to be a powerful guide on your path to transforming limiting habits and creating what you want. The links below contain strategies that we find essential on the manifesting journey. Listen to the meditation daily. Use the Emotional Attraction practice often and become an emotional magnet to more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. The Energy and Time Depleter tools will further help you clarify where you can maximize your time and energy.

If you have found the Manifesting Mindset book and resources helpful and would like to take the next step, we have created an advanced course on applying the 6-Step Formula for Attracting Your Goals and Dreams. This online program is based on our six-day live seminar and includes step by step videos, audios, worksheets and tons of great tools to manifesting your goals and dreams.

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Thank you for engaging with us, we appreciate being on this journey with you!
Happy Manifesting

Manifesting Mindset Meditation

Listen to the Manifesting Mindset Meditation to calm your body, quiet your mind and rewire your brain for success.

Emotional Attraction Exercise

Become a match to attracting your goals by learning to bridge significant emotional experiences with your goals and intentions.


The 6 Step Attraction Formula

This bonus offers a quick an easy outline of the 6 Steps for your reference.


Vitality Depleter Tool

The Vitality Depleter Tool will assist you to identify those areas where you waste energy on a day to day basis. Your awareness of this is essential to maximizing your energy levels.


Time Depleter Tool

The Time Depleter Tool will assist you to identify those areas of time inefficiency on a day to day basis. Your awareness of this is key to maximizing your time and working smart.


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