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Enneagram Personality Frequently Asked Questions

The Enneagram is a personality system that has roots going back centuries to Asia and the Middle East. In modern culture, it became more widely used since the 1930’s. It is known for it’s accuracy and practicality as well as it’s ability to relate to all cultures, genders and stages of life. It speaks to an individual’s underlying personality dynamics, strengths, challenges and motivations.

The Enneagram can be applied both personally and professionally to increase emotional intelligence, psychological resilience and overall well-being. Below you will find some of the most asked questions about the test itself.

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What are the applications for the Enneagram Personality System?

The Enneagram is a dynamic tool for understanding yourself and others. It can be used for personal and professional development.

Enneagram Personality Test Types

Personal Benefits

  1. Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  2. Uncover subconscious blind spots that sabotage success and happiness
  3. Understand core motivations that drive behavior
  4. Increase emotional intelligence
  5. Improve ability to make desired changes
  6. Focus on natural strengths and talents
  7. Increase autonomy and internal trust
  8. Breakthrough limitations to motivation and productivity
  9. Increase compassion for self and others
  10. Improve relationships with others through social intelligence
  11. Become more authentic and transparent
  12. Build self-leadership and personal competency

Team & Organizational Benefits

  1. Shortcut to understanding others
  2. Reduce judgment and sensitivity to differences in other styles
  3. Take the personal out of personality and focus on collaboration
  4. Bring out others strengths
  5. Communicate strategically and effectively
  6. Increase emotional and social intelligence
  7. Improve engagement and motivation
  8. Increase transparency
  9. Develop authentic leadership
  10. Resolve conflict
  11. See the value diverse styles bring to team effectiveness
  12. Create a culture of inclusivity

Is this for use in relationships?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for improving your relationship with yourself and others. It provides a wealth of information about what makes people tick, how to communicate with others and how to bring out their strengths. Through understanding yourself and others better, you develop your emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ has been shown to be the number one skill found in healthy and happy relationships.

Does a personality type change?

You may find yourself in all of the nine types however you have one main personality type that stays the same throughout your life. As you grow and evolve your characteristics fluctuate between healthy, average and unhealthy. Therefore, the primary traits of your personality 10 years ago or even six months ago may be very different than the traits you experience in your life today. One of the main benefits of learning your Enneagram Type is to support you to grow into the healthiest, most authentic version of yourself.

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