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What Is The Difference Between Somatic Therapy And Brainspotting

Somatic therapy involves releasing the build-up of stress in the body and mind. It is the process of connection with a felt sense or body sensations that store and carry emotional energy. As sensations of contraction, tension or residue stress…

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What to Expect from a Brainspotting Therapy Session

Brainspotting allows you to process unresolved issues, transform unwanted habits, breakthrough addictions, heal pain, forgive and release hurts, regulate your nervous system and let go of unwanted patterns. It can be helpful to identify areas you would like to work…

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An african american man holds a notebook and listens attentively to another person who is partially visible in the foreground.

Science of Brainspotting

Brainspotting accomplishes a primary goal in counseling A primary goal of counseling is to support individuals to move from dysregulation to self-regulation, from imbalance to homeostasis, from emotional stress to emotional healing. Distress causes the body and mind to become…

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The Collective Numbing of COVID19

Practical Solutions to Heal to Through the 3 Phases of Trauma Recovery Existential Trauma We are experiencing a collective trauma of such unimaginable proportion. It is causing an existential crisis. Existential crisis come about when our foundation is rocked, when…

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A man leans on a counter with his head on his hand looking worried.

These Mindfulness Techniques & Strategies are Great for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, and Encouraging Healing

Mindfulness Exercises and Activities to Cope with the Stress of the Coronavirus These are unprecedented times and ripe for the seeds of fear, yet how big they grow is up to us. As such, at no other time has it…

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The coronavirus pandemic is causing emotional pandemonium. Here’s how to stay calm during the Coronavirus Pandemic

9 Neuroscience Hacks to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Pandemic Unmanaged Fear Leads to Panic These are unprecedented times and ripe for the seeds of fear, yet how big they grow is up to us.  As such, at no other…

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