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Whether you are looking to heal trauma, improve your mental health, live mindfully or create healthy relationships, we can help. We bring more than 25 years of experience applying the best of traditional and integrative approaches.

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    Coping with Trauma During Coronavirus

    We Offer Online Counseling
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    It is more important than ever to stay connected and feel supported. We are here for you during these challenging times. We offer telephone and video sessions.

    Together we will explore & transform what is most important for you to access your authentic potential.



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    We offer counseling & coaching using advanced mind-body approaches

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    Meet Dr. Kim & Dr. Hil

    As kindred spirits in search of authentic happiness, their approach is compassionate, authentic and open-hearted.

    Life Coaching
    & Counseling

    Are you ready to let go of the past and live in the present with joy and happiness?

    Enneagram Personality
    and Team Coaching

    Imagine if you had a system for knowing what makes people tick.

    Welcome to the Enneagram! It is a dynamic system of nine personality styles that provides this insight and knowledge.

    Brainspotting Trauma

    Advanced Mind Body Therapy

    Brainspotting is a powerful technique for reprocessing trauma and negative experiences. It rebalances the nervous system, heals emotional reactions and restores natural vitality.

    Personal Growth and Development

    Personal Growth and Development

    Manifesting Mindset - Online Personal Growth & Development Program

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    Success Stories


    A man leans on a counter with his head on his hand looking worried.

    The Collective Numbing of COVID19

    Practical Solutions to Heal to Through the 3 Phases of Trauma Recovery Existential Trauma We are experiencing a collective trauma of such unimaginable proportion. It is causing an existential crisis. Existential crisis come about when our foundation is rocked, when we don’t have sure footing or a sense of direction and purpose. We wake up […]

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    A graphic of a of a person meditating and aligning their energy.

    These Mindfulness Techniques & Strategies are Great for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, and Encouraging Healing

    Mindfulness Exercises and Activities to Cope with the Stress of the Coronavirus These are unprecedented times and ripe for the seeds of fear, yet how big they grow is up to us. As such, at no other time has it been more important to not let our fears go unmanaged. Untended fear feeds off itself […]

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    Sad young man praying while standing against the blue background

    The coronavirus pandemic is causing emotional pandemonium. Here’s how to stay calm during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    9 Neuroscience Hacks to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Pandemic Unmanaged Fear Leads to Panic These are unprecedented times and ripe for the seeds of fear, yet how big they grow is up to us.  As such, at no other time has it been more important to not let our fears go unmanaged. Untended fear […]

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    image of book signing event for The Happy Map

    The Happy Map Radio Interview: Your roadmap to happiness

    Enjoyed our time with April Mahoney from The Edge Radio Show talking about happiness and our book The Happy Map. Click here to listen!    

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