Success Myth

Success Myth

Posted on: March 14th, 2010 by Kim Hilary

deserve success but you don’t?

Where does deservability come from?

You Deserve Success

Believing you deserve success is a reflection of your self-worth which you develop very early in life. Self-worth issues are often tied to the success myth that there is not enough for everyone to have what they want. What’s more, in order to get what little there is you have to work hard, be a good person and live up to an unrealistic ideal. Most people have bought into this success myth on some level. This drives competition, perfectionism and procrastination which ultimately leads to sabotaging your success.

Fear of Failing

The solution lies in the cause. Powerful beliefs combine thought and emotion. The belief that you do not deserve success is often caused by the fear of failing if you succeed. As such, if you fail you won’t be good enough to receive what you want in the future (part of the myth). So what then is the point of  putting out the effort in the first place. You settle for what little you do have and even hold on more tightly for fear that you could lose that as well.

Sabotaging Your Success

It is essential to recognize that what you are afraid of has more to do with your interpretation of the situation than the actual situation itself. In this instance, your perspective of your ability to succeed is the issue at hand. Although on some level you may know that you are doubting yourself and therefore sabotaging your success. Due to past conditioning and emotional denial most people tend to look at the external world believing it is the cause of their fears.
For many people simply the awareness of the success myth (that there is not enough) is enough to help them shift. You may experience a feeling of relief hearing that there REALLY is enough. No one is here to take your success. No one can fulfill your unique purpose in life. Only you can choose to courageously pursue your passions and achieve the success you deserve.

Coaching and Counseling

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