Manifesting Mindset Coaching Package

People who have mastered the art of manifesting understand how to use the power of their mind. The blueprint to bringing your goals and intentions to life is deeply conditioned in your subconscious mind. It is this blueprint that determines what you manifest. What most people don’t realize is that the programs running your current success blueprint will remain exactly the way they are unless you identify and change them. This is what is meant by the statement, you can be as successful as you believe you can be.

Here are five distinct and often subconscious mindsets that are at the heart of Manifesting Mindset Coaching;

  1. Every thought is a directive whereby your brain goes on a mission to find solutions. You can’t tell your brain not to do something. Instead you have to tell it what to do.

Are you consciously using your brain to go on a mission and bring you want you want? Or

Do you unconsciously feel tense, stressed, worried, impatient and frustrated?


  1. Your goal achieving actions are a result of your thoughts and emotions about what is important to you. Your dominantly held beliefs and expectations are the basis of your manifestations, not your actions. You have to become a master of your mind in order to master your results.

Do you align your mind with your actions by first observing your thoughts, releasing any stress and visualizing your ideal outcome? Or
Do you focus more on your actions than on your attitudes?


  1. Your EQ is a far more powerful determining factor in your success than your IQ. It is 58% of your success to be exact. In reality you have to become a master of your emotional intelligence in order to master achieving results.

Do you manage your emotions?Or
Are your emotions managing you?


  1. Here’s a hint as to why this is true, when you are stressed you can’t create anything new you can only recycle the past. This is due to the fact that your brain will only give you access to past information.

Do you consciously deal with stress? Or
Do you avoid it, ignore it and try to push past it?


  1. To clarify even further, you can’t talk your way out of your feelings. The science of the mind body connection provides clear answers as to how to transform stress and increase your emotional intelligence.

Does your mind-body connection serve as your compass for aligned action? Or
Do you try and think or talk your way into feeling better?


Manifesting Mindset Coaching will assist you to become a master of your mind. Through a series of practical and experiential coaching sessions you will identify limiting subconscious patterns, reprogram your manifesting blueprint and apply strategies to leverage your greatest resource. Together we will apply The 6 Steps of the Attraction Formula to use the power of your mindset to attract your goals and dreams.