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Your mindset determines what you manifest.

Are you ready to use your mind to manifest your goals and dreams?

If you are on this page, we believe you are here for a reason. It is not a coincidence, but rather a synchronicity.

This program was designed for those of you who are ready to break-through what’s holding you back and tap into your authentic power. If you are like many people, you have a strong sense that you have far more potential and power to create what you want than you are currently experiencing. Successful people think differently, feel differently, talk differently and act differently. They have acquired what we call the ‘Internal Factor’ which is based on their personal growth and development and can be found in their core beliefs and mindset habits.

Consider your answers to these questions to explore your mindset habits:

Are you consciously programming your mind to bring you want you want?

Or…Do you unconsciously feel tense, stressed, worried, impatient and frustrated?

Do you make sure your thoughts and emotions match the actions you take?

Or…Do you take action, while ignoring what you think and feel?

Do you manage your emotions?

Or…Are your emotions managing you?

Do you consciously deal with stress?

Or…Do you avoid it, ignore it and try to push past it?

Do you have a growth mindset?

Or…Do your thoughts focused on lack, not enough and limitation?

Why does why does manifesting mindset work

‘You can be as successful as you believe you can be.’

Your True Growth Potential

Scientific discoveries have demonstrated how powerful your mind is to not only influence, but more importantly, cause what you create in your life.  In the simplest terms, your thoughts and emotions have far more creative power than your actions alone. Similar to the understanding that the amount of effort you apply in your physical action equals a degree of energy output, your thoughts and emotions also result in energy output. Consequently, there is a cause and effect relationship with not only your actions regarding your goal but also with what you are thinking and feeling about your goal. The significance of this is understood when you consider that your mind never shuts off. You never stop thinking and feeling. It is a 24/7 process. This results in a significantly greater degree of energy output in your internal conversation than in your external effort.  If you rely solely on your actions, you will take the slow antiquated road to achieving your goals.  In other words when you consciously use your mindset to achieve your goals you are on the fast-track to manifesting your goals and dreams.

The New Paradigm

We wrote the Manifesting Mindset Book and developed this program to fill a need we witnessed with our clients. These are smart, hardworking individuals who are frustrated with the results they are getting, when compared to the effort they are putting out. They are living out of an old paradigm adopted from mainstream beliefs about the process of goal achievement. The new paradigm gets at the heart of your true leveraging power. Here are several examples of the new paradigm included in the Manifesting Mindset Program.

  1. Optimism – Growth Mindset vs. Pessimism – Lack Mindset

The creative power of your mind can work for you or against you. Your positive as well as your not so positive thoughts and emotions emit energy potential resulting in what you attract into your life. This is the difference between a growth mindset and lack mindset. Most people focus on what they don’t want 87% of the time.  This includes states of mind such as impatience, frustration, doubt, worry, anxiety, stress, obligation, disappointment, and regret just to name a few. If you move through your day feeling stressed about all of the items that you have to complete, you are sending out a signal of tension and obligation. This is not going to attract what you want to you.

  1. Present Moment Power

Your creative power exists in the present moment. The majority of people spend most of their time living from the future and feeling from the past.  If you are feeling stuck in the past or anticipating the future you are creating that reality in your present.  For example, if you find yourself waiting for the end of the work day, the weekend or the achievement of your goal to finally experience happiness, freedom or relaxation you are living in the future vs. present. Future focus intensifies dissatisfaction and takes away from your ability to be powerful in the present. Manifesting your goal is a reflection of the quality of your journey, not just reaching your destination.

  1. Mindful Focus

The greater your ability to focus your attention on one task at a time, the more power you emit to attract it to you. Multitasking and time spent immersed in social media and modern day technology dramatically disperses your energetic potential for creating what you want. The significance of this can be likened to texting while driving. It is not likely that you can do either of these well when attempting to do them at the same time. Developing your ability to have mindful focus in the present moment is vital to achieving your goals. Getting what you want is all about the strength and focus of your mindset.

Let’s look how well you focus on what you want?  Try this simple exercise:

  • Identify what you want and hold it in your mind. Focus on what you want for 30 seconds without distraction or other thoughts entering your mind.
  • How did you do? Were you able to truly focus on what you want without distraction? If you are like most people you found this exercise very challenging.
  1. Your Success Mindset Blueprint – The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Your current success mindset is a reflection of your predominate beliefs, emotional patterns and experiences stored in your subconscious mind. We call these your blueprint instructions. Behind the scenes, they run the programs of your life on a subconscious level. We all have a personal success mindset blueprint deeply conditioned in our subconscious mind. It is this blueprint that determines your level of success in all areas of your life. Luckily your blueprint is completely programmable. WHATEVER you decide to program in your blueprint will create the possibility of what you achieve and experience, as well as the type of results you enjoy in life. What most people don’t realize is that the programs running your current success mindset blueprint will remain exactly the way they are unless you identify and change them. If you have not previously identified the blueprint instructions running your goal achieving program, than you are living out of a seriously outdated program. Just consider, are you repeating patterns of not getting what you want? Anytime limiting patterns are present such as not following through on your goals or sabotaging your own success, we know old subconscious programs are at play.

Whether you realize it or not, you struggle with built-in societal barriers that obstruct your inner potential. They block your personal growth and development. There are several culturally conditioned misconceptions about the way that goals are achieved and if you are not consciously aware of them you cannot achieve your success potential. Why? Because given they are so deeply ingrained in the construction and design of our society, without awareness they will automatically run you. You will blindly continue to live by these false premises as if they were reality.

Perhaps you can see how and why you are not yet achieving what you want in your life.

  • Are you primarily focused in the present moment?
  • Are your thoughts & emotions predominately positive especially regarding your goal?
  • Are you able to sustain your focus on one task at a time?
  • Have you identified & changed the unsupportive blueprint instructions from your past?

In every moment you have two choices 

  1. You can focus the creative power of your mind on what you want.
  2. You can focus on what you don’t want.

The choice you make sets into motion a domino effect of connections in your mind that ultimately determines the path you travel in your life. This path looks like moving closer to your goals or further away from them. Fundamentally, your ability to focus on what you want requires answering yes to each of the questions above. The Manifesting Mindset Program teaches you to overcome your conditioned habits that limit your ability to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Imagine… if you had a step-by-step formula to create success in any area of your life, right now!

Imagine… if you could achieve financial freedom, live with purposeful passion and take charge of creating your goals and dreams.

Manifesting Mindset is based on the belief that your mindset is the most powerful cause of your goals and dreams. The 6-Step Attraction Formula combines more than a decade of time-tested methods and strategies to create your goals and dreams. The answer is simple, you have the power. In fact, you have far more power than you are tapping into. Your greatest asset in creating your goals can be found in the conversation you are having in this very moment about them.

Benefits for you

  • Discover and release sabotaging habits that are stuck in your subconscious mind.
  • Reprogram your success blueprint so that you are a magnet for your goals and dreams.
  • Apply practical methods to release stress, worry and impatience.
  • Learn to use your emotions as intuitive guides for accomplishing your goals.
  • Learn strategies to focus and activate the creative power of the present moment with guided meditations and visualizations.
  • Align your daily actions with creating your goals NOW.

Program includes

  • 7 audio recordings
  • 4 hours of video guiding you step-by-step through the processes and strategies to create your life dreams
  • The Manifesting Mindset Meditation
  • Additional content includes one FREE Bonus MP3 audio recording

In addition, you will also receive the Manifesting Mindset eBook filled with over 90 pages of breakthrough technology including all seminar exercises, practices and processes.

Are you ready to use your mindset to skillfully create your goals and dreams?

What people are saying about Manifesting Mindset

“Thank you again, Kim and Hilary, for sharing your wisdom with all of us lucky enough to take this program. I put it out as an intent that we will be as much a blessing to you both as you have been to us. We appreciated your style and your product immensely. We found the “non-Hype” approach very appealing to our senses and the practicality of your teachings gave us a sense that “it can be done.”  – Larisa & Rob B.

“So many wonderful things that have been happening in my life since starting this training. I can’t thank you enough! I feel empowered and in control of my destiny.” – Emma P.





  1. Avatar for Dr Kim Dr Hil

    Brett T

    Within just a matter of weeks, an email I opened offered proof that this stuff works☺ And another one just a week later! Oh, and these are without my prompting or asking. The manifestations are flowing in effortlessly as I focus my mind.

  2. Avatar for Dr Kim Dr Hil

    Susan R.

    “My target intention for taking this program was to have a job I love. I’d been searching for over a year. Three weeks into the program, I was offered a job!!!! I wasn’t sure at the time I accepted it that it was a job I would love, but the first few days were a certain indication that the people are great, the work is interesting, and it’s in a totally new field for me – I am SO excited.”

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