Are you ready to let go of the past and live in the present with joy and happiness?

Together we will explore, discover and transform what is most important for you to experience your authentic potential. Whether you are feeling stuck, tired of dealing with challenging emotions and unhealthy habits or you want more happiness, confidence, presence and purpose, holistic counseling offers practical solutions. You will gain the tools you need to access infinite health and happiness.

Healing Approaches


Together we have over 20 certifications in holistic modalities. You may be supported with one or more of the following healing approaches:

  • Meditation & relaxation practices
  • Biofeedback
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Emotional intelligence skills
  • Bilateral stimulation – EMDR
  • Visualization
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy psychology
  • Spiritual & existential exploration


The art of transformation through mind, body and spirit integration

Telephone and Video Sessions
Telephone,Skype and Facetime sessions are available.

Holistic counseling focuses on engaging your mind, body and spirit so that you can:

Make peace withthe past and live fully in the present.

Healfrom traumasand learn to forgive

Transform unwanted habits and patterns of self-sabotage

Tap into the mind-body connection and create holistic health

Rewire patterns of stress, anxiety and depression

Increase your emotional intelligence

Learn practical tools to strengthen the habit of happiness

Allow your core values and strengths to guide your decisions

Deepen your spiritual connection

Learn strategies for leveraging your mindset to manifest your goals and dreams

Createloving, conscious and healthy relationships

Identify and align with your purpose

Ignite your natural ability to have FUN

Whether you are looking to;

  • Increase self-confidence, personal power, mental focus, optimism and emotional resilience
  • Let go of past hurts, regrets, traumas, unhealthy patterns and self-sabotage
  • Stop worrying, stressing, procrastinating,
  • Experience more happiness, contentment, compassion, forgiveness,presence and peace of mind
  • Create healthy relationships with food, time, projects, money, sex, partnerships or yourself.


Whether you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with emotional challenges, unfulfilled in your purpose, lack of confidence to create what you want, dealing with a health challenge or want a healthier conscious relationship.

lack of purpose and passion, grief and loss, life transitions, past trauma, marital issues, unhealthy and sabotaging habits, loss of personal power and low self confidence, lack of self love, health issues, chronic pain, busy cluttered mind, procrastination, sexuality,