Our Story

Dr. Hil and Dr. Kim have been a team for over two decades, having met while working in an organization committed to global consciousness. They are kindred spirits who upon meeting recognized a magnetic and undeniable shared vision of transformation, compassion and authenticity. Each has a genuine and humble understanding of overcoming life trauma and vulnerabilities including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and purposelessness. After years of searching for strategies to transform the past and live with joy in the present, they discovered many mainstream approaches were missing key elements. These strategies centered on changing thoughts without fully considering the intricate and sophisticated influences of the body and emotions on those thoughts. They relied heavily on head vs. heart, thoughts vs. feelings, and mind vs. the connection of body, mind and spirit. Given what they learned they felt a powerful calling to align their energies in helping others to transform the heaviness of emotional baggage and experience the lightness and brightness of life in the present moment.

On their quest they discovered key steps to break through the short term cycle of relief and create lasting happiness. The essence of which includes, the belief that we are all here participating in the school called life. The purpose of why we are here is to grow and evolve through learning lessons or opportunities. What the lesson teaches is not as important as the process of learning it. It doesn’t matter why, what, who, or how traumatic it was. It just matters that you take the learning and choose to evolve and grow from it. To that end it is essential to take 100% personal responsibility for feeling better. A second paradigm shift includes dropping the notion of a silver bullet solution. There is not one strategy that leads to happiness; it results from dedication to a holistic—or mind, body, and spirit—approach. It takes focus, effort, and intention on a daily basis. Life becomes a happiness journey, not a destination to attain.

Kim and Hilary have studied and experienced the gamut of mind body therapies. Together they have over 20 certifications in holistic modalities including biofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming, Tibetan Buddhism psychology, hypnosis, energy psychology, coaching, visualization and meditation. Upon realizing their like-minded paths, they founded Authenticity Associates, a coaching and counseling practice, that brings the synergistic power of mind, body and spirit to individuals and couples. Through their bestselling books, online programs, private practice and speaking events they have shown thousands how to use their mind, body and spirit connection to heal and be happy.

Mind-Body Specialists at Sanoviv Medical Institute

SanovivMedicalInstitute 3In 1998 they were honored to be part of a select team of health experts contracted to design and develop Sanoviv Medical Institute. In addition to contributing to the overall vision of Sanoviv, Hilary and Kim created and directed the psychology, spirituality Team of psychology doctors at Sanoviv medical instituteand fitness programs for just under 10 years. Sanoviv Medical Institute, is a one-of-a-kind integrative hospital that blends state of the art 21st century medicine with an luxurious healing atmosphere. It is the only licensed Functional Medicine hospital in the world specializing in the prevention and treatment of health challenges at the level of the root cause vs. symptom management. From their practical experience in integrative health they witnessed firsthand how the ability to deal with stress, determination, optimism, and spirituality improve every area of our health, happiness and life. Hilary and Kim are passionate about helping people make peace with their past, rewire their brain for happiness and live with purpose.


KimWardPhD-179x300Kim is inspired by supporting individuals on their journey of personal growth and transformation. She has a practical and open-hearted approach while holding a clear vision for individuals to achieve their full potential. She learned early in her business career that status and material gains do not lead to happiness. She had everything she thought would bring her happiness, yet felt hopeless, unfulfilled and passionless. One day she had a flash of insight while sitting in a board meeting overlooking the beautiful Scottsdale Arizona desert. She realized she had it all, but felt like she had nothing. In a bold and courageous move she left it all in the pursuit of authentic happiness. This included coming out of denial and dealing with her mother’s untreated bipolar disorder, learning how to be present and embodied and eventually going back to school to start a whole new career.

Kim has since dedicated her career to the empowerment of people through her coaching, counseling, facilitating and teaching. Her dedication for treating the whole person led her to pursue both a masters and doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology, the study of humanity’s highest potential that recognizes the dynamic relationship between mind, body and spirit. She inspires others not to settle, but rather to live with purpose, passion and genuine happiness.


Hilary specializes in engaging holistic aspects of human potential. While in her first year of college, after many years of struggling with social anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and adrenal exhaustion, Hilary was given a major wake-up call. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and faced for the first time addressing the abuse of her past. She spent countless hours applying traditional talk-therapy approaches, only to feel like she was going in circles. As she continued on her search for a silver bullet solution, she felt increasingly defeated by her own mind and body. She understands the value of a healthy mind because she knows what it is like to have an unhealthy mind. After thousands of hours and dollars she discovered through the combination of mind, body and spirit that true healing is possible.

Hilary believes in partnering with and empowering individuals through a combination of experiential and hands-on techniques. She is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California with Masters degrees in Clinical Social Work and Kinesiology specializing in Sport Psychology and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology.

In their counseling and coaching practice they teach science based methods that empower individuals to create health, happiness, vitality. Often described as a dynamic and inspiring team they individualize their approach to meet the needs of each person. Their easy to use methods are foundational to achieve your goals, transform habits and ignite passionate purpose. They are the authors of the bestselling books:

When Kim and Hilary are not sharing their love of holistic health and happiness they are spending time in nature, surfing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, deepening their spirituality, meditating, practicing qigong or yoga, and relishing in the loving connection of their friends, pets and family.

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