Hi. My name is Dr. Hillary.

And I’m Dr. Kim.

And we’ve come to share with you some strategies and methods to help you get through this very challenging time.

And these strategies, we use ourselves, we’re working with our clients to use these for the purpose of feeling more embodied and therefore more present to ourselves during this time.

It’s all about how we’re able to quiet our mind and relax our body and keep our hearts open.

And for that we’re working on the nervous system and nervous system regulation, right?

Sometimes we feel like these outer circumstances that are happening for all of us need to dictate how we act on the inside or how we respond. And yet, these are tools or practices to help us feel more empowered with how we’re kind of hopefully thriving through this.

Yeah, ‘cause it has everything to do with how connected we are to ourselves and how we connected we stay to each other, right?

We hope you find this useful and supporting you through this time and supporting you to stay connected in your lives.