Breathe Your Way to Health

Breathe-Your-Way-HealthBreathing is the most powerful tool you have for neutralizing stress and calming your body. With this guided Meditation CD Tap into your body's natural ability to restore and replenish and feel GREAT!



Research shows that simple breathing exercises improves:

• Your Energy Level
• Your Mental and Emotional Outlook
• Your Immune and Cardiovascular Health

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Whole Body Relaxation

Whole-Body-Relaxation Whole Body Relaxation guides you to practice a powerful breathing exercise while relaxing each muscle group in your body. With this guided Meditation CD Tune into your body's messages and feel EMPOWERED!



Listening to your body:

• Deepens Your Present Moment Awareness
• Restores Balance
• Ignites intuition

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Price: $7.97


Bundled Package

Buy Breath Your Way to Health and Whole Body Relaxation and together and save 28%.


Bundled Package!

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Manifesting Mindset

  • Why are some people more successful than others?
  • Are there really secrets to success?
  • Is your brain actually wired for success?
  • How is it that two people can apply the same amount of effort and one is significantly more successful than to other?

When you look and listen closely you will notice key differences in those who are successful compared to those who are not. Successful people think differently, feel differently, talk differently and act differently. They fuel their minds with the best techniques, strategies, information and inspiration. They have acquired what we call the Internal Factor which involves a strategy of distinct habits of mind. Fortunately through deliberate focus, the Internal Factor can be learned and mastered.

Take the Manifesting Mindset journey and get ready to take an in-depth, up-close and personal look at how you are creating results in your life.


  • Discover your success set point that is determining your current degree of success.
  • Transform the hidden obstacles that hold you back from reaching your success potential.
  • Learn The 6-Step Attraction Formula for creating dynamic results that last.

You are in charge of your life. Are you ready to program your mind with the best strategies and methods to attract the life of your dreams?

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, we are ready for you!

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