What roads have you been traveling on?

What roads have you been traveling on?

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by Kim Hilary

Here are five solutions to support you in rewiring your brain to achieve your goals and intentions.

Solution 1

Change your belief context regarding what it takes to achieve success with your goals. Understand the inherent power in the biology of your habits and how to rewire them. Successful change requires aligning your thoughts, perceptions, emotions, images and actions. Don’t play small or settle by focusing on action alone.

Solution 2

Awareness is key. If you want to make changes that last, tap into your existing habit-brain maps that keep you stuck in a cycle of sabotage. For example, when you focus on your desired goal:

  • What are your predominate thoughts, emotions, perceptions, images and actions?
  • Where is your focus or your attention throughout your day?
  • Are you focused on what you want to create or what you wish wasn’t there?

Solution 3

Identify and rewire all levels of your brain maps. Consciously focus on forming new networks that are emotionally meaningful and mentally engaging. This will allow you to make desired changes.

  • What thoughts align with accomplishing your goal?
  • What emotions align with accomplishing your goal?
  • What perceptions align with accomplishing your goal?
  • What actions align with accomplishing your goal?
  • What images align with accomplishing your goal?

Solution 4

Practice, practice, practice. Travel down your new roadmaps (brain maps) as often as possible.

Solution 5

Enjoy the ride!


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